Kennedy’s Greatest Speech | Bobby & Ted Kennedy

“All of us might wish at times that we lived in a more tranquil world, but we don’t. And if our times are difficult and perplexing, so are they challenging and filled with opportunity.” — Robert F. Kennedy.

The following is a short visual documentary on a remarkable speech by Robert F. Kennedy, which was originally written and delivered to the National Union of South African Students at the University of Cape Town, South Africa, on June 6th, 1966. And following Bobby Kennedy’s assassination during his presidential bid in 1968, his brother, senator Edward M. Kennedy delivered the same speech at his brother’s memorial service in St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York, on June 8th, 1968.

Few will have the greatness to bend history itself; but each of us can work to change a small portion of events, and in the total of all those acts will be written the history of this generation.” — Robert F. Kennedy.

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