How Yvon Chouinard Saved Patagonia From Bankruptcy

Yvon Chouinard has witnessed a lot during his eighty years as a rebellious and reluctant businessman; building a formidable brand whilst spearheading environmental resistance, Chouinard has always thread his own line. The so-called ‘Dirtbag of Patagonia’ is, indeed, the quintessential self-made entrepreneur.

More interested in climbing rocks than corporate ladders, Chouinard conquered bankruptcy by being true to himself, by digging into a slew of experiences in order to enable unorthodox strategies and fresh perspectives, to resist and to counter where others would have crumbled.

Patagonia retreats and a mountain of storms, living simply and zen philosophy, near bankruptcy, falconry and the Iroquois — all the key insights, strategies, and turning points on Yvon Chouinard’s journey to #LiveSimply and create the leading sustainable brand of the 21st century, in a short visual narrative by Savanteum.